Find out what colors look best on you

 Choose the eye color that BEST resembles your own eyes.




Clear Blue

Warm Brown


Soft Blue

Golden Brown


Deep Blue

 Choose the hair color that BEST resembles your own hair



Dark Brown

Medium Brown


Pearl Gray

Salt Pepper

Golden Brown

Golden Blonde

Carrot Top

Light Auburn

Rich Auburn

Deep Warm Brown

 Choose the skin color that BEST resembles your own skin.




Rose Beige

Golden Bronze

Chestnut Bronze

Cocoa Brown

What makes one unique are your skin pigmentation, hair color, and eye color. Our wardrobe consultants are trained in this intricate science of color theory. It is a scientific fact, that wearing the correct colors will make you look vibrant, healthy, attractive, taller and thinner, the wrong colors make you look tired, sick, old and over weight.

Click below on the shapes that best resemble you to find out what clothing styles are best for you.

Find out your body type to see what styles would look best on you ?

Click on the shape below that resembles your body type




Inverted triangle


Few of us are proportioned perfectly, but we can achieve the illusion of balance. When our consultants measure you, we look at all your individual aspects and come up with clothing solutions to hide your flaws and accentuate your assets.

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