As far as appropriate attire is concerned, women face tougher challenges than their male counterparts. A man's "uniform"--his suit, shirt and tie--is accepted as a dress code. A woman's standard business attire is not so clearly defined. Men don't have to make choices between dresses, suits, coat dresses, jacket dresses, skirt sets, etc. They are not faced with choosing an appropriate skirt length, the proper amount of blouse "openness," correctly applied make-up, finding flattering and professional hair styles, a variety of shoe heel heights, appropriate yet current fashion styles... the list goes on. Despite all these concerns, women are still expected to dress "appropriately," with less tolerance for mistakes than men.

One of the biggest challenges women face, assuming they are fortunate enough to find the time to shop, is finding well-fitted garments in flattering colors. Women come in all shapes and sizes which rarely approximate Seventh Avenue's ideal model. However, designers persist in creating garments for this ideal woman who is at least five feet, six inches tall and possesses a perfect figure, bust and long, slender legs. A bias exists in the fashion industry against designing business attire for women because designers feel that this type of work is dull and not creative.

Unfortunately, society is unforgiving and insensitive to the "reasons" for dressing problems. We have all heard the stories about the female attorney whose attire failed to convey the proper image of authority, or problems women have in being perceived as support or secretarial staff. Further, male colleagues may comment on how "dowdy" or "mannish" their female associates dress.

So what is the magic formula to appearing elegant, feminine, well-coordinated and professional, with enough style to look successful? How does one convey an appropriate amount of authority and control? Dressing for work has become more of a burden for many professionals than it should be.

Giorgenti is forming a new wardrobe collection specifically designed for professional woman that will address these particular needs. In the meantime, use this site to gain some insight into what you can do immediately to improve you image. If you would like more information, fill out the form below and we will mail you informative brochures and article reprints.

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