The  one  thing they don't teach at Harvard Business  School is the art of how to dress! 

Finance,  management,  business ethics.... What  about  your  wardrobe?

The fact is, your most important marketing tool is your image and clothing. At Giorgenti we'll  share  our  secrets to  achieve   a  bold,  sharp  appearance  that  will   help   you    sell your  ideas and  vision  to a broad audience of clients and colleagues. Take for instance your  personal  coloration. Every one is unique.  While blues and grays might  be  the  standards  for business attire,  we'll show you how to leverage the color that works best for you.
(Click here to see what colors look best on you)

Consider the cut.  Each of us has our own unique body shape. At Giorgenti we construct  our  suits  to emphasize your strong points and minimize your weak ones. We take into account everything from the slope of your shoulder to your unique physique. (Click here to see what styles look best on you)

There  is a  protocol  and  dress  code  for  various  professions and industries. Dressing 
the  part  can  catapult  you  to  the  top of your career. Wearing thewrong clothing can sabotage your chances for success.   (Click here to find out what to wear for your profession)

Now  for the  most  unique part of our process, the economics.
Janine Giorgenti,    a   fourth    generation   designer,   has  deep  roots in thegarment industry. Her connections not only give Janine access to inside priceson the best fabrics  in  the  world ,  but  also  give  her 
the  privilege to  work with the best European  trained  master  tailors  in  the  country.

To enjoy the unique experience  of  personal  attention   and  commitment  todetail   that  you  will  find  at  Giorgenti,
 Click here,  or  call (1-800-815-4784) to arrange an appointment in your city.


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