The "Power Suit" is the central garment in any work situation that means serious business! It is the garment that will most influence the viewer's judgment of you. The "power suit" immediately establishes authority, credibility and likeability-(those qualities most important in any business interaction). The darker the suit, the more authority it transmits.

The most authoritative pattern is the pinstripe, followed in descending order by the solid, textured fabrics and the plaid. If you need to be more authoritative, stick with dark pinstripes. Use the textured fabrics and plaids for the days you want to be perceived as friendlier and forth coming.

The role of the "Power Suit" has been changing over recent years. With the popular introduction of corporate casual, Power Suits are being used less frequently. Because of this trend, the Power suit takes on even deeper implications. What was a powerful weapon in your wardrobe arsenal has been made even more lethal. Today, when you wear your "Power Suit", you send a signal that commands respect, visually telling your viewer that what you have to say is important!

Because of the new concept of "situational dressing", most professionals need a delicate balance, ranging from the most powerful business attire to the more friendlier business casual looks.

A Giorgenti consultant knows the "psychology of dressing" and what subliminal messages various outfits communicate. We will develop a specific wardrobe, which works for your business needs.

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Customer Success Story

Richard Caputi, SIOR

I have been a customer of Giorgenti for the past four years and the finished product she presents to me is as impressive today as the first day I went to her shop. I have always enjoyed a fine suit made of the highest quality fabric but price always seemed to be a deterrent. With Giorgenti, there is incredible value and I am able to get a quality garment without the big ticket price tag. She is a "must see" if you are in the market for a fine suit. Check out Giorgenti's top quality fabrics before you purchase anywhere else.

Richard Caputi, SIOR
Newmark of Long Island LLC999

Walt Whitman Road
Melville, New York 11747


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