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Jeff Westermann

At 7'1", it's not easy tofind clothes that fit me. So when I needed to buy a suit, it wasn't like Icould walk into some department store in the mall and pick something off the rack. I really didn't know where to go to find a suit that would not only fit, but one that I could afford as well. Desperate, I tried searching on the internet for help and stumbled across . I checked out the website and liked what I saw, so I sent Janine an e-mail describing my unique situation and what I needed. Within two days, Janine e-mailed me back that it was no problem designing a suit for someone my size and she could do it within my price range. After a brief telephone conversation, she faxed me a simple form to fill out for my measurements, and I merely had a local tailor take my measurements and then faxed back the form. Janine took care of everything after that. It's been one of the easiest clothes buyingexperiences I've ever had and the suit is exactly what I wanted.

Janine! I don't know what I wouldhave done without


Jeff Westermann

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