Giorgenti is a bit of a hybrid--a combination of designer, wardrobe consultant, clothier and manufacturer.
The kind of service Giorgenti provides used to be reserved for a privileged few. But now, Giorgenti has brought wardrobe and fashion consultation to the "mainstream" professional. Virtually anyone can enjoy the benefits of looking like a winner. Have you ever heard of a store putting men in their most flattering colors so that they look more vibrant, younger and authoritative?

Have you ever gone to a store where the sales people pains takingly  fussed over the perfect styling for you based on your physique? Has anyone ever laid out all the combinations for you and showed you how to get the most mileage out of your clothes?

Has anyone ever recorded your size and the adjustments so that you never have to do it again?

Probably not! At Giorgenti you get all of the above at no additional cost. From the moment you walk into their showroom and see the glass encased conference rooms, the suits, shirts and ties that drape the tables, chairs and mannequins, you know you have arrived somewhere special, says Giorgenti client Michael Levine , Managing Partner of RGG & L Law firm.

"When I sat down with Janine and described my own personal vision about myself, and how I wanted people to see me, I thought to myself this is how I always want to be treated."

Giorgenti custom suits starting at $695, with no surprises and no other hidden cost such as duty and shipping etc. Giorgenti's price is tough to beat especially when you consider all of the other free, valuable services we include. You don't have to be wealthy to be a Giorgenti client just smart.


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