For many companies, what was intended for employees as a company perk or a way to conduct business in a less formal, more relaxed environment, has backfired into an occupational hazard.

We are talking about Business Casual or "Dress-Down Days". The problem is that too many business professionals look like they are dressed for weekend relaxation rather than serious business. This "hazard" has been the demise of many employees who should reach higher levels only to be held back because of lack of presence.

"A Casual casualty"

My Client relayed a heartbreaking story to me . Bob the CFO of a fortune 50 company had been grooming a young graduate from Columbia University who had a lot of talent. There was a certain position he wanted him in and after a year of grooming, Bob felt the time was right to have the Chairman's final stamp of approval. Although three interviews had been set up, due to the Chairman's busy schedule, they were cancelled. Bob took a vacation and as fate would have it, the chairman popped in and interviewed the budding star. Bobs vacation was ruined when he heard this "protégée" had been panned for the position.
Shocked, Bob asked the Chairman, "why he was turned down"? The answer was "the kid lacked polish and didn't look the part"! Bob defended his candidate saying, "It really wasn't fair, because he didn't know he was being interviewed that day and wore his ordinary business casual attire. The stunning reply by the chairman was, "that is precisely why I didn't hire him, because this is how the guy really looks!
If business casual is your dress code, it's imperative you strive for is a well-coordinated, finished look that has style, coordination and a color scheme to complement your individuality and maintain your professional presence. You will feel empowered, gain more respect and make faster career advancements by "looking your professional best".

GIORGENTI knows how to create the right "casually correct" image for you. She will save you time, frustration and money and help you reach your career potential by presenting the right image.

Use the following as a business casual dressing guide to
project a professional image  

  • Wear Natural fibers; such  as  light weight
    wools,   high qualitycottons,  or  the new
    superior    "Tec-no"     or    micro   fibers.

  • Jackets  and  sport  coats  give  an outfit
    more credibility, distinction, and authority,
    while   maintaining   a  casual    presence.

  • Color schemes, which are well-coordinated,
    harmonious, or monochromatic, work best
    to achieve a polished sophisticated image.

  • Wear well  fitted  pressed  woven  button
    front shirts, in textured or casual fabrics.

  • Opt  for  expensive  looking,  high quality
    Marino  wool,  cotton, or silk knit collared

  • Look  stylish  by   wearing   a   crewneck
    sweater, with  a  woven  collared    shirt 
    underneath ,  exposing  the  collar.

  • Choose  high   quality  shoes  and  belts,
    made  of  fine  leather  or  suede,   with
    classy sportswear finishing.

  • Select socks that are solid, patterned or
    textured, a shade darker that the slacks,
    or matching the shoe.


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Michael J. McEachern

Although you have made some terrific suits and dress shirts for me, I have been shifting toward dress-casual clothes. Your custom dress-casual slacks, shirts, and ready to wear knits are now a big part of my wardrobe. Please continue the great services and line of garments that I and your many clients have come to expect. I will be in soon and treat myself to some new fashion items.

Michael J. McEachern
MAC Consultants, Inc.


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